Made for Ludum Dare 43 using mostly Compo rules, but in 72 hours.

As a small god out in the desert, you must use your limited power to make the people believe in you. When they do, they will start to worship you, and make sacrifices in your honor.

It can be best to let a number of people build up before starting to use powers, to make them more worth the cost of using the power. Also the belief map mode is the main one you will want to use.

There isn’t really any goal, other than to try and get the largest number of followers you can. Interesting to see how many followers people can get, I havn’t properly been able to test the game for a long time.


  • 1/2/3/4/5 -> select power
  • q -> Show the normal map mode
  • w -> Show the wealth map mode, red mean poor, green mean rich
  • e -> Show the belief map mode, yellow means non believer, blue means believer
  • ‘-‘ -> Decrease time warp speed
  • ‘+’ -> Increase time warp speed
  • Space -> Set time warp to the slowest speed
  • a/d or left/right arrow -> Move camera
  • Right click -> cancel current god power
  • Hold middle mouse button -> move camera
  • Left click -> Use god power


  • Smite -> Kill a single person, 
  • Bless -> Provide a blessing to some people, they will much more strongly believe in you after 
  • Gift -> Give wealth to a single person 
  • Fireball -> Kill a number of people in an area, anyone who sees will be truly fearful of you 
  • Earthquake - > Destroy the buildings in the area 


  • Shack -> Lets a small number of poor people live there 
  • House -> Lets a number of slightly wealthy people live there
  • Ritual Circle -> lets poor people make sacrifices 
  • Temple -> lets slightly wealth people make sacrifices 
  • Small Pyramid -> lets rich people make sacrifices
  • Large Pyramid -> lets very rich people make sacrifice

    Made using:

    • Unity 2018.2.1f1
    • Visual Studio
    • Photoshop
    • BeepBox
    • BFXR
    • ChipTone


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