If you get an error message in the WebGl build about insufisient memory, you will need to restart your web browser to play.

This game is a real time base building game where you have to manager workers needs and resources to build up a castle and dig deep to find an apparently enormously powerful artefact.

I recommend being in full screen for the WebGl build so as to not drag the web page around with middle click

Left mouse to build rooms and parts of your castle
Right mouse to cancel building a room
If no building is selected you can mark tiles to be built to allow building new rooms
Middle mouse to move camera, scroll wheel to zoom
Hovering over a room and pressing 'x' will remove the room, this was mainly for testing but can still be used, and no resources will be returned

Workers will do their job, but require their needs to be taken care of. If they don't they will leave, breaking their room which will use resources to fix.

Build rooms to attract new workers depending on that room.
-Builders build new rooms and tiles as well as repair rooms from where workers have gone.
-Miners mine stone and metal to build with
-Foresters will produce wood and push back the forest to allow for more farms
-Farms produce food

The goal is to dig down to find a hidden artefact, upon which you will complete the game. Finding the artefact will require digging tunnels off the main stair case.

If a room which was built goes transparent, the worker has gone, this is either because you don't have any food, or because all the beds where being used.

There have been some fixes made along with a display for what buttons are.

Made using:
-Visual Studio

Made in 48 hours for Ludum dare 36

Find me on twitter @Wevel50000


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