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This game was made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 33

When the local school told the police that one of their science experiments had gone wrong, this wasn't what they had expected.Having been released from the local school science fair, punch buildings to get points and grow, punch and eat people to get health. But beware of the blue police who are trying to tame you, the painful way. The green local residence make easy pickings but you can pickup and throw rubble to help your goals (Getting as higher score as possible without dying).

-Have the music volume low (it isn't that good)
-Have the FX volume high (they sound amazing and I had fun recording them)
-Only kill people when you are low on health as there are limited amounts of them
-As you get points you get bigger and do more damage

This game has controller support, tested with and Xbox controller, brackets contain equivalent controller inputs.

How to play:
WASD (Left stick) = Move
Left click (LB) = Punch
Right click (RB) = Grab and throw
Escape (Start) = Pause

Made Using:
-Unity 5
-Visual Studios 2012

Thank you for playing my game, any comments (good and bad) are welcome as I am planning on releasing this game in the near future. This will add some features I had wanted to put in like throwing people and a jump-smash.


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Windows 9 MB
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Mac (Untested) 11 MB